Sports Day: 25/1/17

Every year our school and college has an annual sports day that takes place at the beginning of the academic year. Every student from Playgroup to Class XII participates in a series of games, races and competitions. Even the teachers compete against each other at sports day and the students enjoy watching them before they get involved in their own activities.

Sports day is naturally fun for the students as it gives them a break from their studies but it also presents an opportunity to get some exercise and enjoy some healthy competition.

Importance of sports and exercise

In our school and college, games is compulsory and this is for a good reason. The 21st century has been an exceptional year in terms of scientific and technological progress but it has also been an era that has crippled humanity in terms of healthy habits. There is so much junk food available which is fattening people and the vast amount of TV channels and video games are causing a lot of people to live unhealthy lifestyles. As people, especially the children, are spending less time physically exerting themselves it is important to provide outlets for the children to exercise and try to get them into the habit of exercising. A well rounded individual is someone that can look after their mind and body. If a person does not look after their health during their youth, they will feel the negative consequences when they are older.

Pictures from 2016’s Sports Day

  • Akij Foundation School Balancing race