Caring about young minds


Students in Elementary Section (Playgroup, Nursery and Kindergarten) are being taken care of by specially trained teachers and teaching assistants. These young groups of children are taught in spacious classrooms equipped with custom made furniture and educational materials.
We have separate audio-visual rooms to enhance their listening and speaking skills and most of the textbooks used in this section have been developed by our own experienced team. Elementary Section (ES) students regularly attend sessions in our library where they enjoy reading a colourful range of children books collected from Bangladesh and abroad.
As well as offering a great environment to learn we have an ES playground fitted with slides, climbers and other playground equipment. We also have indoor playrooms where children play with lego, play dough and other educational toys.

Promoting Emotional well-being and Self-Esteem

The psychological health of our students cannot be ignored and we strive to ensure our students are confident and happy. From time to time we host events that address mental health issues and seminars about how parents can raise their children in an effective way. After all, raising a child is a parental issue as well as a concern for teachers.

In 2017 we invited psychologists from the UK to deliver a Child Development seminar to parents and teachers which provided an insight into the range of mental health issues and how to respond to them if we notice them in our children. The same team had sessions with students from class 6 upwards and gave them advice on how to combat stress, anxiety and depression.