About Akij Foundation School & College

School EIIN 136 318, College Code 1223

Akij Foundation School & College is a philanthropic venture by the Akij Group of industries that is funded by the Akij Foundation (Reg No.S11396/2012).

The school was founded in 2010 and has grown since its inception. When the school first opened, there were only thirty-three students and eight teachers but now it is the educational sanctuary for over eight hundred students and sixty teachers.

Our school is mainly an English version institute (following the National Curriculum) but we also have a Bengali version curriculum for HSC students. We set ourselves apart from other schools by offering a range of extra-curricular activities and we teach our students using a combination of national and international teaching methods.


Our Mission is to educate and enlighten the next generation with knowledge, values, patriotism, and self – dignity.


The moral purpose of Akij foundation school and college (AFSC) is to provide all the students with the opportunities to achieve personal bests in each of the domains:

  • Intellectual
  • Creative
  • Sporting
  • Social

The school community is committed to the pursuit of excellence by raising the achievements of all our students. The school educates young children to be socially responsible. They become encouraged to make a difference and to care for and respect others through their voice and leadership. A culture of collaboration is fostered wherein all members of the school community strive in partnership to value our rich traditions while meeting future challenges in a global context.