Education programme for street children: Bonoful

It is sad that so many children in Bangladesh still do not have access to a proper education or education at all due to financial constraints or location. As a result of this problem Akij Foundation started the ‘Bonoful’ initiative in 2014.

Bonoful is an educational programme designed for children from the lower socio-demographic. These children are given a chance to study the National Curriculum (Bengali Version) in a safe and fun learning environment.

Initially our Bonoful programme started with a mobile bus and it continues to visit several areas in Dhaka where the bus becomes a classroom for so many children. Our mobile bus is equipped with a whiteboard, fans and stores books, copies and stationary that are normally used in classes.

We are pleased that the mobile bus provides a great service to these children and we continue to extend our operations by offering these children classes on the mobile bus as well as campuses throughout Dhaka.


When our mainstream students finish their school day our campuses in Uttara and Mohammadpur open its doors for Bonoful students that live close to the campus. They wear a green uniform to school and have classes from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

In 2018 we opened a dedicated Bonoful Campus in Mirpur Diabari (click here for more info) and our Bonoful initiative is serving nearly 500 students six days a week.