Akij Foundation Madrasa

In September 2019, Akij Foundation Madrasa opened. Our Madrasa is next to our Main Campus in Uttara (Building 6).

What will the students study and what will their school day be like?

Students that join our Madrasa will study Arabic from 8am to 12pm and will eventually receive ‘Hifz’ training (Quran memorisation). After a three-hour break, students will immerse themselves in traditional academic subjects like English, Bangla and Maths before the day concludes at 6pm.
Students will play sports in PE classes, have fun with arts and crafts and as students grow older, they will take on new subjects like BGST and ICT. Students at Akij Foundation Madrasa will learn the same things as students in our English Version school section.
As students will be part of the AFSC community, students will get the chance to take part in ECA activities, go on tours and enjoy the many programs we host throughout an academic year, like sports day and cultural programs.


Students at Akij Foundation Madrasa will follow the National Curriculum (Bengali Version) and will participate in Board Examinations like PEC, JSC and SSC.

Vision and Aim of Akij Foundation Madrasa

The aim of our Madrasa is to educate young children so that they become well-versed in authentic religious knowledge and have knowledge of traditional academic subjects. By combining both branches of knowledge in our Madrasa system, we hope to create model citizens for Bangladesh, just like we are at Akij Foundation School and College.

Address: Akij Foundation School and College,
Road 2 Block B,
Uttara, Sector 10,
Dhaka, 1230

Telephone: 01305 306691